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Luxuries for pets comfort

Friday, March 29, 2013

When it comes to animals our dog and cat have the luxuries of the rich and famous. The cat has a bed the dog has a bed. Our dog has rain suit and a couple sweaters not to mention the little green elf costume for Christmas time. They have all the play toys and chew toys to last a lifetime. Its too bad it isn't so easy to do it for people.

Dog training

Every time my mother in law brings her dog over to dog sit if the dog hears a little noise that she's not familiar with she starts barking. She doesn't do this at my mother in law's house so we are thinking about buying her a training collar to slow down her barking when she's at our house. The latest in training collars has a mist spray that sprays out a citronella smell of spray up towards the dog's nose to deter them of barking. How weird.

Pet catering

It is so funny how much people including myself cater to our animals. The cat needs a cat house and a play area and of course the play area needs to have all sorts of different toys to keep the cat amused. Even our big saltwater aquarium each different fish has its own house and a rock or a plastic tunnel that we've picked up so it makes their environment more stress free as they swim around and poop.