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Everyday in our life we experience new adventure and on that adventure we learn new things. This blog is about tips on how to do things whether its about the home, or things that may go good or go bad in everyday life.

Students of the week award

Saturday, April 13, 2013

As they say if a picture could talk it would have a thousand words at least to say. Our son is growing up so fast we wish he would slow down if he could. He is doing so good in school and we are so proud of him. The other day we received a certificate that our son again was student of the week for doing such a great overall job in his class.

Luxuries for pets comfort

Friday, March 29, 2013

When it comes to animals our dog and cat have the luxuries of the rich and famous. The cat has a bed the dog has a bed. Our dog has rain suit and a couple sweaters not to mention the little green elf costume for Christmas time. They have all the play toys and chew toys to last a lifetime. Its too bad it isn't so easy to do it for people.

Dog training

Every time my mother in law brings her dog over to dog sit if the dog hears a little noise that she's not familiar with she starts barking. She doesn't do this at my mother in law's house so we are thinking about buying her a training collar to slow down her barking when she's at our house. The latest in training collars has a mist spray that sprays out a citronella smell of spray up towards the dog's nose to deter them of barking. How weird.

Pet catering

It is so funny how much people including myself cater to our animals. The cat needs a cat house and a play area and of course the play area needs to have all sorts of different toys to keep the cat amused. Even our big saltwater aquarium each different fish has its own house and a rock or a plastic tunnel that we've picked up so it makes their environment more stress free as they swim around and poop.

More savings on bottled water

Thursday, February 21, 2013

The winter months are so slow when it comes to work and unemployment is not enough to pay the bills. Even though our well water is not bad water it is high in iron so each week we were spending 15 dollars on bottled water. Up to the other day we started taking our jag to my mother in law's where she is on city water which cost somewhere around 3 cents a gallon to use it. So now our monthly savings is about 38 dollars more a month.

By putting the gallon of jags in the refrigerator with their caps off a lot of the gas from the chlorine vents so you don't have that terrible taste in the water.

The Adirondacks

Wednesday, February 20, 2013

A beautiful day at the lake with my sweetie up at Old Forge New York on the Adirondack mountain. A picture to remember. Can't wait for summer to come so we can go back.

Winter meltdown

Tuesday, February 19, 2013

We got quite  a bit of snow this year but then we would always have a meltdown before the refreeze. This would create a lot of ice problems. On my mother in law's house leaving her main door to go outside there were icicles all over. Next year my husband plans on building a roof top over the deck so if there is any ice build up it is going to be away from the door.

Memories to look back

Saturday, February 16, 2013

It is so beautiful to look back on video memories. The videos of love ones that are no longer here are the best. Seeing them all over again brings back a smile and a tear at the same time. Other videos of the kids when they were younger are so fun to laugh at. Towing my son with the snowmobile was the best. We hooked his little plastic jeep to the back of the snowmobile and took a video at the same time. He kept of asking us to go faster but of course we wouldn't for safety sake.

Framing around the boat

Thursday, January 17, 2013

My husband had built a 2x4 framing around our boat to keep the snow load off from it. We had so much snow in so little time there was a lot on the tarp that was on top of the framing of the boat. With the recent warmer weather the snow had got so dense on top of it. Its a good thing that my husband shovelled it off just before the breaking point of the 2x4's.