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Everyday in our life we experience new adventure and on that adventure we learn new things. This blog is about tips on how to do things whether its about the home, or things that may go good or go bad in everyday life.

Short fishing trip

Sunday, May 20, 2012

We had a nice short trip up to my daughter in law's house today. We went there to feed her animals while they went camping in the Adirondacks for the weekend. Before we went we packed our fishing poles and gear to go fishing outback at their property. There's a small creek that runs through there. Sitting on a little dock in the shade was so relaxing in this 90 degree plus day. After leaving there we went into the small town of Parish first visiting the pizza shop for lunch then driving over to the old Parish dam where we can walk in the creek at the lower side and try to catch small crabs for another fishing trip.

Our buckaroo adjusting his seat belt..always safety first

He loved his sunglasses he wouldn't take it off  and wants more picture... we called him movie director on his outfit :-)

This is the dam in the town of Parish
I thought this old dam control is so cool and pretty  interesting

Yep! Its fuzzy that's what happens when you just kinda set the camera on the rock to take picture.

This is where we flip rocks and catch small crabs

The comfort of paying bills online

It takes a little while but its not really that hard to learn how to do our bill payment  online. In today's world saving a dollar can be tough. It didn't sound that much but by doing our bills online we are saving approximately 12 dollars a month in stamps plus the gas and time driving to the post office. It's a little tough signing in to our account with so many different security options but in the long run it has to be that secure.