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Everyday in our life we experience new adventure and on that adventure we learn new things. This blog is about tips on how to do things whether its about the home, or things that may go good or go bad in everyday life.

Trimming growing shrubs

Friday, May 11, 2012

Spring time is cleaning time so we head out and drove off to visit our Fulton house. Its already almost in the middle of May and because of our recent rains  the shrubs and grass around the house are already growing faster than we want. It is a  good thing we are prepared for this. I turned on the battery operated weed whacker so I can work on the tall grass in front of the house working my way towards the side of the house while daddy work on cutting the branches growing wildly at the other side. He hadn't noticed lately but the tree closest to the gas meter was growing into it. He thought about cutting it but decided to call National Grid to see if they would cut the tree. They came out three days later and took  care of it. Always call your company when in doubt that it could be dangerous.

Getting prepared on your doctor's appointment

Thursday, May 10, 2012

I go to the doctor's with my husband because he is not feeling well. We've spent five hours altogether with testings and scans which by the way five hours is really a pretty short time these days and have all the testings done. Its a good idea if you can to get the earliest appointment and take a snack with you if possible so you don't starve at lunch time waiting around the waiting room for test results. So they did all these tests blood work, x-rays, cat scan and everything comes back great. I guess we should be happy that everything shows good but my husband still feels bad so they scheduled a colonoscopy to make sure nothing is going wrong.

Reading and understanding

Sunday, May 6, 2012

I can't believe how many people do not read the whole ad when you have an apartment for rent. They email you with questions that you already answered in the ad that you put up for rent and some people even though you say that it's for the current month they ask "How long the apartment is going to be available"" because they plan on moving in the fall like they think you would hold the apartment empty for six months. Apparently these people have no brains when they type the questions in. The money from apartments obviously goes to pay our bills. My husband just wants to call them up and say duh what are you crazy?