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Where to buy a perfect Christmas tree

Saturday, December 8, 2012

We finally have our real Christmas tree picked out and decorated this year. We like to have a real tree instead of the ones pre-made and decorated that you can buy at the store. The fun of picking out the perfect tree and cutting is more fun than ever but this year is more exciting to go to a tree farm place not far from us. Its at Granger's Christmas Tree Farm in Mexico New York in the Oswego County. They have beautiful trees that you can cut yourself and some nice wreaths for decoration. It's an awesome store with friendly people that operates it. On one part of the store they set up a small zoo that has six or seven goats where kids are allowed to pet the goats. After that we sat down in front of the fireplace and ate our popcorn and doughnuts also sipping the delicious hot coco a perfect match to relax and enjoy the beautiful day.


Sparling bird rescued after being trapped in our chimney for two days

Thursday, August 16, 2012

It was an exciting day for me and my six year old boy. After hearing this strange sound that seems to be coming out the chimney we decided to look further and discovered that a bird was trapped in it. Luckily the bird decided to come down the fireplace and finally giving us the chance to get him out there. It seems like a fight at first trying to reach for him inside the fireplace but finally we succeeded. He wasn't injured or anything maybe a little frightened so after petting him we let him go and then he flew back into the woods where his family is. Still thinking about the awesome bird we decided to looked it up on the Internet to know what kind it is. We found information from this link http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/European_Starling. If you want to know more just click it.

Knee pain

Sunday, August 5, 2012

I took my husband to the doctor's the other day because his left knee was swollen. The doctors reacted  like oh that's nothing here is some pills for the swelling and they didn't want to give my husband any pain pills. I guess they just don't understand that its in the joint not in the muscle that's hurting him. He asked for an x-ray they said it wasn't necessary. That's some doctors for you.

Yard sale preparation

Tuesday, July 31, 2012

We finally decided that it's time to get rid of the unwanted things inside and outside our house. I started with sorting out my son's old clothes then cleaning out his toy collection. Two days from now he will be six years old. Oh my where's the time went? One blink of an eye and there he is he will be in first grade this coming September also. Anyhow, after I get done cleaning I accumulated two big boxes of old clothes plus toys that he never played with anymore. I started feeling better already. Seeing his room cleaned out makes the room looked very spacious and it gives room for the new toys that he will get on his birthday. Time to move on with my stuff while Daddy work on sorting out his extra tools that has been aquired over the years. He have a lot of extra working tools  so we decided that two weekends from now we will put up a big yard sale. Its a lot of work to prepare for yard sale from cleaning out the stuff one by one but its worth it.

Treasure hunting

Friday, June 1, 2012

It begin to be such a habit at going to garage and lawn sales that I think that we're turning into hoarders but we like to hunt for the treasures that you may find on the garage sales or lawn sales. One thing that we can always count on is that people but clothes for their kids some kids only wore them a few times and then they sell them in yard sales which saves us hundreds and hundreds of dollars a year.

What you give you may receive

One of our tenants was moving out the other day he is an avid hunter and fisherman. Without me knowing it our son walked over there and held his truck up to our tenant and said you can have this. The plastic small truck has a button on it. You push the button it plays Sweet home Alabama. The truck has a deer on the hood two hunters inside with their guns and their fishing poles on the back. I was so happy to see that our son gave it up so easily. About an hour later our tenant knocked on the door and asked if our son would like an older play station 2 with games that he have had and of course our five year old accept it. It's nice in this everyday world that it seems like a good deed doesn't go unanswered. It was a great day. 

Golf ball size hail in central New York

You better run you better hide! I can't believe the golf ball size the hail came down and pounded my car away. I better move it inside before the glass breaks out. The winds were between 50 and 60 mph unexpectedly the clouds opened up. The hail that came down could have cracked your head open if it hits you. The whole top of our car has over three hundred dents in it. I'm glad I wasn't out in the car when this happened.

golf ball size hail last Tuesday

we got caught in a hail storm at the dump station...it wasn't fun

Short fishing trip

Sunday, May 20, 2012

We had a nice short trip up to my daughter in law's house today. We went there to feed her animals while they went camping in the Adirondacks for the weekend. Before we went we packed our fishing poles and gear to go fishing outback at their property. There's a small creek that runs through there. Sitting on a little dock in the shade was so relaxing in this 90 degree plus day. After leaving there we went into the small town of Parish first visiting the pizza shop for lunch then driving over to the old Parish dam where we can walk in the creek at the lower side and try to catch small crabs for another fishing trip.

Our buckaroo adjusting his seat belt..always safety first

He loved his sunglasses he wouldn't take it off  and wants more picture... we called him movie director on his outfit :-)

This is the dam in the town of Parish
I thought this old dam control is so cool and pretty  interesting

Yep! Its fuzzy that's what happens when you just kinda set the camera on the rock to take picture.

This is where we flip rocks and catch small crabs

The comfort of paying bills online

It takes a little while but its not really that hard to learn how to do our bill payment  online. In today's world saving a dollar can be tough. It didn't sound that much but by doing our bills online we are saving approximately 12 dollars a month in stamps plus the gas and time driving to the post office. It's a little tough signing in to our account with so many different security options but in the long run it has to be that secure.

Trimming growing shrubs

Friday, May 11, 2012

Spring time is cleaning time so we head out and drove off to visit our Fulton house. Its already almost in the middle of May and because of our recent rains  the shrubs and grass around the house are already growing faster than we want. It is a  good thing we are prepared for this. I turned on the battery operated weed whacker so I can work on the tall grass in front of the house working my way towards the side of the house while daddy work on cutting the branches growing wildly at the other side. He hadn't noticed lately but the tree closest to the gas meter was growing into it. He thought about cutting it but decided to call National Grid to see if they would cut the tree. They came out three days later and took  care of it. Always call your company when in doubt that it could be dangerous.

Getting prepared on your doctor's appointment

Thursday, May 10, 2012

I go to the doctor's with my husband because he is not feeling well. We've spent five hours altogether with testings and scans which by the way five hours is really a pretty short time these days and have all the testings done. Its a good idea if you can to get the earliest appointment and take a snack with you if possible so you don't starve at lunch time waiting around the waiting room for test results. So they did all these tests blood work, x-rays, cat scan and everything comes back great. I guess we should be happy that everything shows good but my husband still feels bad so they scheduled a colonoscopy to make sure nothing is going wrong.

Reading and understanding

Sunday, May 6, 2012

I can't believe how many people do not read the whole ad when you have an apartment for rent. They email you with questions that you already answered in the ad that you put up for rent and some people even though you say that it's for the current month they ask "How long the apartment is going to be available"" because they plan on moving in the fall like they think you would hold the apartment empty for six months. Apparently these people have no brains when they type the questions in. The money from apartments obviously goes to pay our bills. My husband just wants to call them up and say duh what are you crazy?